No Cure no pay

Nordic Procurement – when great savings matter

No Cure No Pay

Would you like to save money and increase profitability without risk? Based on that idea, we developed our model of No Cure No Pay, which means that your financial risk disappears. Our fee consists only of a share of the savings you consider us to have achieved. Nordic Procurement’s fee is always to be approved by you once our mission is completed. You can choose to pay the fee when a new contract has been signed, or when the cost reduction appears in your cost base. If you do not consider us having achieved any savings, we will not charge you any fees.

Assignment start


We compile relevant information concerning suppliers and agreements.

Contract inventory completed


We review the information, identify opportunities and make recommendations.

Scope and schedule established


We implement those recommendations you have chosen to proceed with.

Actions completed


Signing of a new contract with the supplier and continuous monitoring of savings results.